• What if I don’t have time to cook every day?

    Your custom meal plan is very flexible to your needs. You can make larger batches and freeze meals as needed to cook in advance. You can skip the cooking and use one of our delicious Keto Shakes instead. A Keto Shake is beneficial if you travel a lot or are busy. You can also use leftovers the following day or skip a day. The choice is up to you! Keeping keto-friendly snacks stocked, using Keto Shake meal replacements, and cooking extra so you can eat or freeze leftovers will ensure that you stay on track with your goals and always have a keto-friendly meal on hand.

  • Do I have to follow the meal plans exactly to see results?

    When you’re just getting started with the meal plans, we recommend you follow them as closely as you can. Although, you certainly don’t need to follow the meal plan exactly to get results. The keto diet is such a powerful weight loss protocol, that so long as you are eating keto meals, you’ll be getting results. Feel free to be a little flexible with your approach, it will make it easier to stick to. If you make keto as delicious as possible, you are more likely to stick with it. So look for recipes that seem the most appealing to you and start with those. You'll be much more likely to stick to the plan if you’re excited to try a new dish or sample a favorite.

  • What drinks can I consume on my meal plan?
    • Water (plain, sparkling, seltzer)
    • Water with Lemon or Lime
    • Coffee (hot or iced - caffeinated or decaf)
    • Tea (hot or iced) - oolong, green, black, or herbal varieties
    • Bone broths (homemade or store-bought)
    • Coconut Milk (unsweetened)
    • Almond Milk (unsweetened)
    • Hemp Milk (unsweetened)
    • Cashew Milk (unsweetened)
    • Macadamia Nut Milk (unsweetened)
    • Diet Sodas sweetened with a keto-friendly sweetener (Such as stevia, erythritol,or monk fruit)
    • Keto Shakes
    • Keto Activate
    • Supreme Greens
    • Kombucha (in limited amounts, count carbs)
    • Heavy Cream
    • Flavored Electrolyte powders, such as Ultima brand
    • Keto-friendly water enhancers, such as Stur and SweetLeaf Water Drops
  • What if I don’t like a meal in my plan?

    Our plan is meant to be flexible. You can swap meals, skip meals, repeat meals, eat leftovers, meal prep, and freeze as necessary to better suit your lifestyle. If there is a meal you do not care for, feel free to swap it with another meal in your plan that you prefer. Generally, you can swap any keto protein or veggie for another keto one or veggie.